Every phase of the production, from the initial presentation of the project proposal to delivery of the final product, was carried out with professionalism, efficiency and integrity by golightlyfilms. It was a joy to watch you and your crew move beyond the job at hand to fill this project with creative and personal intention. Every aspect of the project was handled with adept and seamless attention to every detail.

Getting a message across to an audience in a 30-second window of opportunity is not an easy task. It requires careful scripting and critical imaging that are then creatively married to an overall presentation style that captures the audienceís attention. I am glad to say that golightlyfilms accomplished this feat most excellently. Not only did you listen to the needs of the Elections Division, you were able to take that information and synthesize it into a vision that resulted in a product that was creative and aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. I was also thankful that not only did you welcome input at every step of the process; you demanded it and, when necessary, gently and respectfully pushed back when suggestions did not fit the overall creative vision that you had created in your mindís eye. Your artistic integrity was always balanced with meeting our needs.

- Gene Newton, HAVA Program Officer
Policy, Outreach, Education and Training Elections Division
State of Oregon

“Working with Golightly Films was a great pleasure. They really added to the effectiveness of our creative content with their enthusiasm and professional insights. They were able to help us strengthen the message we were trying to get across with more effective camera work and editingstyle. Their thoroughness in shooting footage allowed us a greater range of editing options and allowed us to use the footage in multiple application. Their flexibility in shooting style and lighting gave us the option to create a more cinematic or more "MTV" type of style; whichever was best for the project. Golightly's editing expertise helped us resolve complex situations in managing and communicating through the interview footage we shot. Overall Golightly Films has beena highly professional and creative partner in several Nike Sportswear video projects and they would not have been nearly as effective without Golightly's creative input and professional work ”.

- Alvin Chow, Category Business Director for Nike Sportswear

“GOLIGHTLY Films, Inc., A Journey to Joy, nonprofit/fundraising, tells the story of children and families battling cancer and how their struggle touches the lives of everyone they meet. Unlike most other production companies that produce non-profit branding videos, Golightly Films allows viewers to join a process of discovery about the charity rather than being told what to think. This video is an excellent example of the use of storytelling to foster a non-profit campaign.”

- Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Competition Chairperson, The Accolade Competition (2008)

“We had a storyboard when we approached GOLIGHTLY Films - this was the launching pad for Ken to do his magic. He made the spot the best it could possibly be, never accepting good enough and always working with a smile. GOLIGHTLY Films worked tirelessly on our behalf to get whatever they could at a reduced rate, always bearing in mind that we all wanted to end up with an effective, award-winning spot. And it was both. It raised our profile for our autos program, and in the time the spot ran, donations increased by an amazing 30%. And it won many, many advertising awards for outstanding creativity. A real win-win. I am looking forward to working with them in the future as well!”

- Barbara Baugnon, Marketing Communications Director, Oregon Humane Society

“GOLIGHTLY Films communicates our mission and accomplishments with sensitivity and skill, and a distinctive, engaging visual style. For over a decade, we have depended on the expertise and artistry of GOLIGHTLY Films to increase awareness of our organization through the medium of film, and it's been a highly successful collaboration. They have taken the time to understand our organization and our hopes for the future, and found creative ways to communicate those passions to the public. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any corporate or non-profit organization.”

- Regina Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Children's Cancer Association

“GOLIGHTLY'S commitment and connections ran deep. No aspect of the film's production would have been possible without the expertise, compassion and leadership of Ken Luba and Kaja Zaloudek. If you are considering GOLIGHTLY for your project, consider the importance of relationships and the one I enjoyed with Ken & Kaja.”

- Geoff Knapp, former Vice President of Public Relations and Fund Raising for the Albertina Kerr Centers

“After extensively interviewing three production houses, one rose to the top immediately and unanimously: GOLIGHTLY Films. Ken Luba and seemed to naturally intuit what we ourselves were struggling to articulate. During editing and finishing, Ken guided us further and proved once more to be invaluable to the project. He was able to accommodate our wishes, guide us when he felt there was a better way, and retain the integrity of the work product - no small feat when working with "a committee" of accomplished individuals possessing diverse backgrounds and hearty opinions. After viewing it well over 100 times, I still feel a lump rise in my throat and tears well in my eyes each time. I enthusiastically offer my full confidence in and admiration for GOLIGHTLY Films.”

- JoAnn Barton, Chair, Board of Directors, Lincoln County Children's Advocacy Center


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