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NIKE Sportswear Pinnacle Retail Space Video "Beacon Door"

The Challenge:
In 2007, Nike Sportswear division created the Pinnacle Retail Space concept. As part of developing the Pinnacle concept, Nike built out a demonstration store in Beaverton, Oregon.

The problem:
How to get regional leadership teams, the Nike sales force, partners and other interested parties worldwide to hear about the concept from NIKE Sportswear leadership and see the Pinnacle store in operation.

The Solution:
NIKE Sportswear hired golightlyfilms, a proven outsource video production vendor to show and tell the Pinnacle Retail story. In partnership with the NIKE Sportswear team, golightly designed, scripted, shot and edited a dynamic and fast moving eight minute video that is informative, creative, educational, persuasive and entertaining. The final program succeeded accomplishing Nike's ambition to bolster NIKE Sportswear's brand identity as well as creating a communication tool for Nike's internal sales audience - the regional leadership teams for NIKE Sportswear.

Each segment featured a combination of elements:

  • A brief, scripted introduction of each of the key concepts;
  • Interviews with Nike execs that combined to tell the Pinnacle retail story;
  • Video b-roll of the retail space prototype;
  • Succinct onscreen text that combined as a call to action.

The Introduction:
The script introduced the four key concepts of the video: Product, Service, Community and Customization. Additionally, the underlying branding point was introduced and established: the customer's experience in a Pinnacle store should be a journey towards increasing interest and delight.

Interviews with key Nike division heads established the overall concept behind Pinnacle: it's not simply a retail store; it's the ultimate consumer experience designed to expand Nike's presence in the leading style markets worldwide.

Segment #1: Product
This section featured the areas of the store that are product-focused: the Icon area, and the upper and lower retail areas. Interviews concentrated on the purpose of the Icon/entry area and how the images and themes established there are carried forward into the retail areas.

Segment #2: Service
Nike is justifiably proud of their reputation for customer service. This segment tells the story of how Pinnacle will take the established excellent customer experience and add an increased level of personalized service by offering more of a direct connection with the customer.

Segment #3: Community
The primary storyline concerns Pinnacle's chameleon like nature: Nike branded stores enhance the marketing efforts of Nike Sportswear, while fulfilling the company's mission of giving back each community where they are located. The focus is on the areas of the store that are designed to reach out and embrace the community.

Segment #4: Customization
This section focused on the two main store areas that offer customization: the upstairs ID area, and the VIP room.

Customization: now customers have the opportunity to move beyond simply selecting colors; they have the chance to choose materials and to spend the time to get a design exactly how they want. The customization areas are staffed by fashion professionals who can create individual customer customization.

VIP Room: All "exclusionary" aspects of the VIP area are de-emphasized in favor of an approach that emphasizes the superior levels of customization available to all consumers.

Closing Segment:
golightlyfilms created two versions of the closing:

  • Version #1 (for Nike regional leadership) looked to the future and explained Pinnacle's strategy going forward.
  • Version #2 (for worldwide Nike Sales Force) summarized the most important take- away messages and stressed the importance of using the Pinnacle formula to achieve success globally for Nike Sportswear.

Once completed, the video was distributed to the target audiences and it was shown to prospective partners in the five major fashion capitals of the world: New York, U.S.A, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, London, England and Tokyo, Japan.

Nike's satisfaction with golightlyfilms was best expressed by Alvin Chow, Director for Nike Sportswear in his testimonial, "Working with golightlyfilms was a great pleasure. They really added to the effectiveness of our creative content with their enthusiasm and professional insights. They were able to help us strengthen the message we were trying to get across with more effective camera work and editing style. Their thoroughness in shooting footage allowed us a greater range of editing options and allowed us to use the footage in multiple applications. Their flexibility in shooting style and lighting gave us the option to create a more cinematic or more "MTV" type of style; whichever was best for the project. golightly's editing expertise helped us resolve complex situations in managing and communicating through the interview footage shot. Overall Golightly Films has been a highly professional and creative partner and would not have been nearly as effective without golightly's creative input and professional work".

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