Children's Cancer Association

"A Journey to Joy"

The Challenge:
In 2008, the nationally renowned non-profit organization, Children's Cancer Association, approached golightlyfilms to create an organizational "branding video". They requested an emotional program that highlighted their established programs with clear branded messages.

The branding messages consisted of:

  • In a seriously ill child's moment of need CCA is there with Joy Rx.
  • Transforming the moment with the healing power of music.
  • Breaking through isolation with the comfort of friendship.
  • Confronting fear with the magic of laughter.
  • When seriously ill children need more than medicine CCA brings joy one moment at a time.

The problem:
How to portray, with emotion, the story of the Children's Cancer Association through key branded messages. The video needed to feature key programs that CCA offered to children and their families battling cancer.

It needed to include:

  • A brief, scripted introduction of each of the key concepts.
  • Video b-roll of children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
  • Incorporate the branding messages in a simple and creative approach.
  • Use succinct onscreen text telling the viewer of CCA's commitment to helping children and families with cancer.

The Solution:
golightlyfilms chose to tell a story!

In partnership with the the Children's Cancer Association, golightlyfilms designed, scripted, shot and edited a dynamic and emotionally moving video with a story.

"A Journey to Joy", portrays the journey of children and families battling cancer and how their struggle touches the lives of everyone they meet. The story, written and directed and shot by golightlyfilms Kenneth Luba and produced by Kaja Zaloudek begins and ends in a train station at night, where travelers waiting for their train encounter a young girl living with cancer and her comforting mother. As one friendly traveler reaches out to the family with a balloon, soon others join in, sharing if only for a moment in the family's passionate journey.

A realistic looking balloon, created and animated by ADi, threads the story to reveal real children with cancer, their families interacting with the volunteers from the Children's Cancer Association, and the many ways that CCA offers comfort and support for those children and their families. Incorporated into the visuals were the key branding messages at places to gain the most emotional impact. golightlyfilms gave special thanks to singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper and Sony Music for allowing "True Colors" to be used in the video. Special thanks was also given to ADi, The Oregon State Office of Film and Video, The Portland Office of the Mayor, Bingo Lewis Editorial and Jason Wells of Audio Wells for their contribution to the making of the video.

Once completed, the video was distributed to target audiences on DVD, presented on CCA's website and is being shown nationwide at conferences and CCA fundraising gatherings. It was measured as a success on many levels by CCA and their partners.

"GOLIGHTLY Films communicates our mission and accomplishments with sensitivity and skill, and a distinctive, engaging visual style. For over a decade, we have depended on the expertise and artistry of GOLIGHTLY Films to increase awareness of our organization through the medium of film, and it's been a highly successful collaboration. They have taken the time to understand our organization and our hopes for the future, and found creative ways to communicate those passions to the public."

- Regina Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Children's Cancer Association

The video has since won major awards to include:

  • 2009 "Worldfest" Houston International Film Festival Remi Special Jury Award for Creative Excellence
  • 2008 The Accolade Competition "Best of Show" Award

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